A Plea of Desperation

Here we are, once again.. Back to square number one. After a long way towards freedom, full of obstacles, we finally learn one thing.. If you always do what you’ve always¬†done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got..

Its no longer a choice, we are bound to get our ass kicked. No matter what we do or what we say, some people don’t listen.. Or maybe some people got used to their current lifestyle, and are not willing to pay for a change..

We all live in the same bubble, but not all of us pay the price. Its the weak, unhealthy, poor and anonymous people who get to work their ass off the hook of every system. And its the powerful, healthy, rich and well known people who take credit for it.

If you are one of the latter, you will never show sympathy to anyone from the former. If you are one of the former, you will always show envy towards the latter. Its really a sick world we’re living, and guess who takes the credit then? Atheists!

To have a dream and live for it is good, but you have to have something aside, tolerance. If you are not tolerant towards the daily events of your life, you might just give up your dream right before it happens..

Watch the current events with care. See how the presidential candidates refused to unite with each other, and how that affected the votes. See how each candidate’s supporters fight each other on whose right and whose wrong. Most of all, take a close look at Shafiq’s supporters and how they feel about themselves. Do not underestimate the power of ignorance.

Those who piss us the most, are our greatest teachers. We may start questioning ourselves or even fall in the “Why” misconception. I just hope we get out of where we are soon, a plea of desperation..

May Allah be with us all..



A Message to the Islamists

So that’s how it goes around here. The smart thinks he’s the smartest ass around, not knowing that every little detail is clearer than water. We are friends as long as it is safe. But if we ever fall in water, I may have to drown you in order to live. That’s today’s ideology of some people growing their beards, shortening their pants and, unfortunately, carrying a Muslim ID.

I remember the date quite well. On the 19th of November 2011, there were protesters “AKA martyr’s relatives” occupying Tahrir square, chanting against SCAF when the police forces scattered them by force. Back then, those people who grow their beards, shorten their pants and, unfortunately, carry a Muslim ID, claimed that those, who were scattered by the forces, were a bunch of thugs who had the intention to hinder the parliamentary elections. Out of which were 41 killed and thousands seriously injured.

Days went by and those people who grow their beards, shorten their pants and, unfortunately, carry a Muslim ID, won 65% of the parliamentary chairs. Which gave them the power to speak in the name of the Revolution, and guess what? They became best friends with SCAF! So any idiot chanting against SCAF is someone who has really bad intentions.

But Good Lord, nothing ever lasts! It seems like they forgot about their pinky promise and the devil played his role in splitting them apart, pity.

The thing is, no one gets away with it unless you’re an asshole, and you’re not. Every little detail is clear to the third person who is watching, the two sides always see from their point of view.

If we ever have to unite with you again it’ll be for the bigger benefit, Egypt. Otherwise you’ll always stay a douche, who thinks that Allah will forgive him for growing his beard, shortening his pants and, unfortunately, carrying a Muslim ID.

May Allah be with us all..