Interview at Orange

Sometimes we pass by intense circumstances, where we find ourselves reluctant, unable to think properly or take the right decision. The day before yesterday was a day I will remember for the rest of my life.

It all started with my cousin forwarding my CV to his so called “friend” who works at Orange Business Services. After an hour or so I received a phone call from a person claiming to be an engineer working at Orange, asking me if I was a Cisco Certified Network Associate or not, and of course my answer was “Yes Al7amdulellah”. So he proceeded in the interview and asked if I can come for a technical test the next day at 3:00 pm sharp wearing formal. I responded with a “Yes, of course!” and ended the call with a jump for joy.

I had to organize that day pretty well, because I had a very busy schedule on that day. A french course from 9:00 am till 11:00 am, and a CCNP course from 11:30 am till 2:00 pm, so I had to head to City Stars directly after a long day of courses.

While I hate wearing suits, I had to wear a suit all day long because the engineer made it clear that I have to be formal and arrive at 3:00 pm sharp!

So I did wear a suit and went to my french course, followed by my CCNP course. My CCNP instructor knew that I had an interview after his course right away, so he volunteered to get me ready for the interview by revising some CCNA material, a kind and generous act as I always expected from him.

Afterwards I rode with my driver heading to Nasr City in the busy traffic, which took us nearly an hour to be there, arriving at Orange City Stars Capital 5 at 2:50 pm.

I remember I arrived at 2:55 pm, met the engineer who interviewed me on the phone and met my cousin’s friend who gave me a warm welcome. Both of them were wearing T-Shirts and Jeans as well as every single person working, which made me think: Why did he let me wear a suit? Anyway, both of them sat with me in a small room, and the show began. I thought the engineer will interview me alone, but then I noticed that both of them had papers that need to be filled, so I thought “How awesome is that?!”.

At the beginning they introduced themselves to me, emphasizing that if I pass the interview I would be nothing but a useless client, which was not good to start with, but I did not show any frustration at that moment because I was an interviewee and that was my job back then.

After asking me to introduce myself in English, they started asking me technical questions, out of which was none unanswered. Then they started asking me questions that are out of the CCNA course material, out of the working requirements that are needed to be present in the person applying for the job, while showing condemnation in their faces. First I thought I had some sort of dereliction in my studies, my sweat glands began to perspire and I started to feel bad. Then I realized that even my cousin’s friend who gave me a warm welcome at the beginning, seemed like my cousin’s enemy from the way he was questioning me, not his friend at all. When we reached the HR part of the interview, every answer of mine was followed by a mocking comment and expression from both of them.

For a moment there, I thought to myself: What’s really going on here? This is not how I was treated before in other interviews! There’s gotta be a catch somewhere..

After interviewing me for about 30 minutes, they sat me down on a computer for a technical test for 90 minutes, followed by an IQ test for 30 minutes. During the IQ test, I already had signs of fatigue and it was unethical to do so, but who cares?!

At the end, the engineer took me aside to tell me my results, and guess what? I passed!

But as I thought, there was a catch, and a sick catch. He said and I quote: “You have passed all the tests we gave you, but unfortunately we have a problem in hiring people at the moment, so you have to wait and I cannot promise you anything.”

In conclusion, they were occupying my time and tampering with my nerves for hours for a reason that is yet to be known. Of course I was frustrated at that moment. Thinking to myself, if they had a problem with hiring people, why did he call me? Why did they interview me? Is this some kind of a sick game?

Then I looked at the bright side, although I was humiliated and mocked by priceless people who need Colonoscopy, I gained a great amount of experience in dealing with such people. Of course I had a few resentments, but at the end of the day I was cheerfully tweeting, listening to music and enjoying my time.

There’s a latin phrase that says: Carpe Diem, which means seize the moment, enjoy every second of it and make it useful. No matter how tough the world can be sometimes, we still need to enjoy it in order to live happily.

May Allah be with us all..



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