Use Your Mind

I frequently ask myself many questions, questions like what do I want from this life? Where am I heading, or where is life taking me? Am I satisfied or do I want more?

I often pay attention to the world around me, analyzing every detail of events happening trying to get the whole truth behind it. Sometimes I have answers, other times I don’t. But eventually I learned that everything was created for a reason. You may sometimes wonder why something happened to you, then afterwards you realize that you learned allot from it.  You need to think more deeply and have a power of noticing in order to have a glimpse of understanding the world around you.

I am not a shrink, neither a psychologist. I prefer to be a thinker, someone who uses his mind to examine everything. Our mind is what differentiates us, human beings, from other living beings. We were born with the urge to examine the world around us. For example, when babies wanted to examine something, they put it in their mouth. Not because they are hungry, but because they feel the urge to examine it and that’s how they do it :)

As we grow up, our minds develop new ways to examine, other than putting everything in our mouth. We finally learn to use our mind to think. Think of the world around us, from protons and electrons to the vast universe around us. Every little detail deserves to be studied with care, as it is part of our duty as human beings to use this delicate gift we have, our mind.

Unfortunately, during this epoch that we’re passing by, people started to neglect the most important gift that they have. They even started to eliminate it by drinking liquids and inserting substances that hibernates their mind. Of course anything that is not used for a certain time becomes unusable at the end. So these substances literally destroy the mind, its ability to think, the urge to examine and every little cell responsible for thinking and contemplating is damaged. Eventually the mind, which was a thinking tool, will be useless and humans will have nothing to distinguish them from other living organisms.

That’s why we need to appreciate our minds by always thinking in everything we do. In Islam, to think and contemplate for a certain time is considered better than standing praying the whole night! The perspective of evolution comes from minds that are awake and active, always at the urge of examination, analysis and conclusion. We need to act as human beings and use our gift from God that was not given to any other creature created by him. Do not destroy it, but rather develop it.

This is just a desperate attempt to remind ourselves of who we are and what we are supposed to do in our lives.

May Allah be with us all..



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