Happy Mother’s Day!

Every time I think of my mother I contemplate for minutes about what I would have been without her. I was raised in a loose family, my parents were divorced while I was in school and I wouldn’t have been what I am now if it wasn’t for her. No matter how old I am, I am and will always be a child to her who needs to be fed.

I can only naively imagine what I am to my mother by thinking what she is to me, since she is my only mother and I am her only child.

My mother has inspired me in many ways. I remember when I was 10 years old or younger, I spent much more time with my mother than with my father. My father was and still the workaholic type of father who is obsessed with saving enough money for his family. While my mother was and still concerned more about upbringing me, studying for me, and of course running after me to feed me.

I learned several things from my mother. She taught me how to pray, how to forgive, and of course how to professionally curse someone.

Her over protection can sometimes be annoying to me, since I am now 24 years old. But no matter what, she will always be a part of what I am today.

It is a well known fact that mothers bring us to this world by passing through intense pain almost unwillingly, while fathers bring us to this world by the pleasure of lust. Maybe that’s why Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, recommended that we take good care of our mothers three times more than we normally do with our fathers. But that doesn’t necessarily minimize the importance of a father. Fathers and mothers should know that their duties are complementary, each of them plays a significant role in raising their children.

Anyway my mother and I may differ in opinions, we may differ in political views. For example, she is a Pro-Ikhwan and I am an Anti-Ikhwan. But we talk  on a daily basis despite the fact that she is my political enemy!

Today I would like to remind myself of what my mother is to me, pray for her forgiveness, and ask God to make her delighted whenever she looks at me. Happy Mothers Day Mama :)

May Allah be with us all..



2 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. ربنا يخليك لي وتحقق كل آمالك، أنا شايفه ان بقي لك نضج في كتاباتك وشكرا يا حبيبي

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