Conversation with a friend

Hello again, this time I wanna post something that has been occupying my mind for a while. I graduated from faculty of Engineering major Electronics and Communication during January 2011. It was a tough job to concentrate on my graduation project while Egypt was passing through a historical moment that was not expected at all. But finally Al7amdulellah I passed with a B+ which was something I could not dream of.

Thinking about my future under the circumstances that Egypt is currently passing by makes me wanna migrate to another country. At the same time looking at some one like Wael Ghonim, the 31 year old former head of marketing at Google middle east and north Africa, who left his position in order to focus on what’s happening in Egypt nowadays, makes me wanna think twice before migrating.

I was discussing this issue with a friend of mine yesterday, whether I should take an opportunity to work outside Egypt or not. Frankly speaking, the salary isn’t the only aspect I’m concerned about. I’m concerned more about the lifestyle, the weather, the working environment and finally the experience. For example, the lifestyle in the Gulf countries is much different from that in Egypt. The weather is much more hot, everything is indoor. Plus that your friends won’t be around if you wanna chill out for a while!

Then my friend illuminated something that wasn’t on my mind at that time. Simply he told me that the lifestyle you’re worrying about, sooner or later will come to an end. Your friends will get married, everyone will focus on his/her life and eventually you’ll be worrying about making enough money to marry instead of chilling out for a while. Simply that’s the circle of life, you never stay a teenager forever or a 20 year old forever, every age has its interests and we are all getting old sooner or later. A dark point of view but still kind of realistic at least.

So I told him: Alright! I’m a person who cannot live outside my country because I love my country! and Egypt is my mother and her Nile is my blood and stuff like that..

His response was unpredictable to me I guess. He told me: Whenever you are outside Egypt, you will have this feeling for sure, its like withdrawal symptoms of a certain drug or something. But whenever you get this feeling, take the first trip back to Egypt! Only then you will realize the dark true reality that Egypt is not as good as it seems to you now! You will see the pollution, the traffic chaos and the continued corruption although the last regime was removed!

Then he told me a story of a friend of his who was doing his masters degree in Finland, and while he was there he was asked to fill out a questionnaire that was necessary to start doing his masters. The questionnaire was psychological questions with choices from Excellent to bad, so he filled them all with fair and good. Only to find out that a woman from the government is visiting him the next day concerned about his psychological state! Knowing that, made me feel like an animal in my country! These people understand and treat you like a human being, while we here argue about whether the human rights representatives are taking external financial aids or not.. Sick, isn’t it?

In conclusion, Egypt is still my mother and her Nile is still my blood. But the fact that Egyptians are treated like animals and proud! is not so pleasing to me.

I hope one day we could understand the true meaning of human beings and respect them the way they should be respected. And I hope we do not need to migrate to be treated as human beings, I wanna be treated like a human being here.

May Allah be with us all



2 thoughts on “Conversation with a friend

  1. Hey there!
    I just wanted to point out some stuff. But I can’t deny that those are some good words you’ve put out there.
    The truth about living in Egypt, lifestyle and all that…it won’t get you anywhere, but I guess once you get caught up at the working enviroment you won’t have time for all that you have been used to do “chilin with the gang” and all that.
    Working enviroment in Egypt ..I can’t talk about that since I’ve never worked in Egypt , but from what I see and hear from friends and folks…its pretty dran tough to start you’re employee life or you’re own business.
    I , as an Egyptian living, working in Abu dhabi; I see its a pretty decent place with almost a perfect lifestyle. And its way too much different than other gulf countries. So migrating to out of Egypt is not awful if you go the right place.and yes Egypt is my mother and the Nile is runnig through my veins..I vist every now and then…and I’m living happy
    Mn el akher dawar 3la masla7tak ya oss!
    And god bless you my friend ya adeem :)

    • Thank you my old friend, its always a pleasure hearing from you!
      I guess it was just a wave of enthusiasm filling us with feelings of hope and a better future for our country. I haven’t found a job yet since I wrote this, maybe that’s why I was talking excitedly in a “chillin with the gang” kinda tone :)
      I’m sure after working for a while the interests will 100% differ.
      It is kinda tough starting from scratch here in Egypt, yes. I’ve always had this fear of migrating and forgetting about my country and all the nice things in it. But Its good to know that there are people living outside the country, enjoying their life, but not to the extent of forgetting it, still coming back visiting every now and then. That truly fills me with a huge amount of hope.
      Thank you once again my old friend, God bless you, and looking forward to our next meeting InshaAllah!
      May Allah be with us all..

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