This is my first post in my first blog, don’t know even what the word blog means, but anyhow here I am typing what I have in mind. You may find me jumping from one subject to another because they’re just random thoughts as I type, so try not to get bored in between :)

I believe we can change anything, from the inner core of ourselves to the vast scale around us. I remember two years ago, my interests were limited to music, movies, chilling out.. Now my interests are limited to tweeting, music, movies and chilling out. Sometimes I get caught in politics but I actually don’t hate anything more than this stupid subject.. Politics! I never paid attention to politics before the revolution, and when I tried to get to know it a little bit, I realized I was arguing about human rights and not politics.

So moving on to music, I have been enjoying music since the day I was aware of this world around me. Its like a language that only musicians speak and understand through each other. Since I’m a Muslim, it was important for me to know whether music is Halal (Allowed/Permitted) or Haram (Forbidden) in our religion. So I listened to an Islamic preacher who is well known in our community and with a great reputation, and he was saying and I quote “The Imams have argued about the Prophet Mohammad’s PBUH Hadith that mentioned the people who are using musical instruments, some of them see the Hadith as the Prophet is Forbidding music and others see it as the Prophet is not necessarily forbidding music, so as long as the Imams have argued on a subject, you have the freedom of choice between the opinions, and you can choose whatever choice that suits you.” So guess which choice have I chosen!

Moving on to the twitter community. First of all twitter have introduced me to people of all the ages from young to old and most importantly they are like my family now. We tend to babel to each  other our problems, make fun of our leaders, sharing things from funny meaningless stuff to important serious stuff that people should be aware of. Before  signing up for a new twitter account I had a facebook account, and the information I had about twitter was that its all about knowing the news before anyone else knows it. I was wrong, because then I realized that its more like a lifestyle. I tend to tweet in between every single activity in the day! From waking up in the morning till the moment before I fall asleep. I consider myself new to twitter and this is my view of it so far, who knows maybe it could be different in the future.

I guess that’s enough for today! I’m still a beginner of course, remember that please and kindly be polite in criticizing, not just here but everywhere.. That would be nice of you :)


Leave your thoughts <3

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