Interview at Orange

Sometimes we pass by intense circumstances, where we find ourselves reluctant, unable to think properly or take the right decision. The day before yesterday was a day I will remember for the rest of my life.

It all started with my cousin forwarding my CV to his so called “friend” who works at Orange Business Services. After an hour or so I received a phone call from a person claiming to be an engineer working at Orange, asking me if I was a Cisco Certified Network Associate or not, and of course my answer was “Yes Al7amdulellah”. So he proceeded in the interview and asked if I can come for a technical test the next day at 3:00 pm sharp wearing formal. I responded with a “Yes, of course!” and ended the call with a jump for joy.

I had to organize that day pretty well, because I had a very busy schedule on that day. A french course from 9:00 am till 11:00 am, and a CCNP course from 11:30 am till 2:00 pm, so I had to head to City Stars directly after a long day of courses.

While I hate wearing suits, I had to wear a suit all day long because the engineer made it clear that I have to be formal and arrive at 3:00 pm sharp!

So I did wear a suit and went to my french course, followed by my CCNP course. My CCNP instructor knew that I had an interview after his course right away, so he volunteered to get me ready for the interview by revising some CCNA material, a kind and generous act as I always expected from him.

Afterwards I rode with my driver heading to Nasr City in the busy traffic, which took us nearly an hour to be there, arriving at Orange City Stars Capital 5 at 2:50 pm.

I remember I arrived at 2:55 pm, met the engineer who interviewed me on the phone and met my cousin’s friend who gave me a warm welcome. Both of them were wearing T-Shirts and Jeans as well as every single person working, which made me think: Why did he let me wear a suit? Anyway, both of them sat with me in a small room, and the show began. I thought the engineer will interview me alone, but then I noticed that both of them had papers that need to be filled, so I thought “How awesome is that?!”.

At the beginning they introduced themselves to me, emphasizing that if I pass the interview I would be nothing but a useless client, which was not good to start with, but I did not show any frustration at that moment because I was an interviewee and that was my job back then.

After asking me to introduce myself in English, they started asking me technical questions, out of which was none unanswered. Then they started asking me questions that are out of the CCNA course material, out of the working requirements that are needed to be present in the person applying for the job, while showing condemnation in their faces. First I thought I had some sort of dereliction in my studies, my sweat glands began to perspire and I started to feel bad. Then I realized that even my cousin’s friend who gave me a warm welcome at the beginning, seemed like my cousin’s enemy from the way he was questioning me, not his friend at all. When we reached the HR part of the interview, every answer of mine was followed by a mocking comment and expression from both of them.

For a moment there, I thought to myself: What’s really going on here? This is not how I was treated before in other interviews! There’s gotta be a catch somewhere..

After interviewing me for about 30 minutes, they sat me down on a computer for a technical test for 90 minutes, followed by an IQ test for 30 minutes. During the IQ test, I already had signs of fatigue and it was unethical to do so, but who cares?!

At the end, the engineer took me aside to tell me my results, and guess what? I passed!

But as I thought, there was a catch, and a sick catch. He said and I quote: “You have passed all the tests we gave you, but unfortunately we have a problem in hiring people at the moment, so you have to wait and I cannot promise you anything.”

In conclusion, they were occupying my time and tampering with my nerves for hours for a reason that is yet to be known. Of course I was frustrated at that moment. Thinking to myself, if they had a problem with hiring people, why did he call me? Why did they interview me? Is this some kind of a sick game?

Then I looked at the bright side, although I was humiliated and mocked by priceless people who need Colonoscopy, I gained a great amount of experience in dealing with such people. Of course I had a few resentments, but at the end of the day I was cheerfully tweeting, listening to music and enjoying my time.

There’s a latin phrase that says: Carpe Diem, which means seize the moment, enjoy every second of it and make it useful. No matter how tough the world can be sometimes, we still need to enjoy it in order to live happily.

May Allah be with us all..



Use Your Mind

I frequently ask myself many questions, questions like what do I want from this life? Where am I heading, or where is life taking me? Am I satisfied or do I want more?

I often pay attention to the world around me, analyzing every detail of events happening trying to get the whole truth behind it. Sometimes I have answers, other times I don’t. But eventually I learned that everything was created for a reason. You may sometimes wonder why something happened to you, then afterwards you realize that you learned allot from it.  You need to think more deeply and have a power of noticing in order to have a glimpse of understanding the world around you.

I am not a shrink, neither a psychologist. I prefer to be a thinker, someone who uses his mind to examine everything. Our mind is what differentiates us, human beings, from other living beings. We were born with the urge to examine the world around us. For example, when babies wanted to examine something, they put it in their mouth. Not because they are hungry, but because they feel the urge to examine it and that’s how they do it :)

As we grow up, our minds develop new ways to examine, other than putting everything in our mouth. We finally learn to use our mind to think. Think of the world around us, from protons and electrons to the vast universe around us. Every little detail deserves to be studied with care, as it is part of our duty as human beings to use this delicate gift we have, our mind.

Unfortunately, during this epoch that we’re passing by, people started to neglect the most important gift that they have. They even started to eliminate it by drinking liquids and inserting substances that hibernates their mind. Of course anything that is not used for a certain time becomes unusable at the end. So these substances literally destroy the mind, its ability to think, the urge to examine and every little cell responsible for thinking and contemplating is damaged. Eventually the mind, which was a thinking tool, will be useless and humans will have nothing to distinguish them from other living organisms.

That’s why we need to appreciate our minds by always thinking in everything we do. In Islam, to think and contemplate for a certain time is considered better than standing praying the whole night! The perspective of evolution comes from minds that are awake and active, always at the urge of examination, analysis and conclusion. We need to act as human beings and use our gift from God that was not given to any other creature created by him. Do not destroy it, but rather develop it.

This is just a desperate attempt to remind ourselves of who we are and what we are supposed to do in our lives.

May Allah be with us all..


Happy Mother’s Day!

Every time I think of my mother I contemplate for minutes about what I would have been without her. I was raised in a loose family, my parents were divorced while I was in school and I wouldn’t have been what I am now if it wasn’t for her. No matter how old I am, I am and will always be a child to her who needs to be fed.

I can only naively imagine what I am to my mother by thinking what she is to me, since she is my only mother and I am her only child.

My mother has inspired me in many ways. I remember when I was 10 years old or younger, I spent much more time with my mother than with my father. My father was and still the workaholic type of father who is obsessed with saving enough money for his family. While my mother was and still concerned more about upbringing me, studying for me, and of course running after me to feed me.

I learned several things from my mother. She taught me how to pray, how to forgive, and of course how to professionally curse someone.

Her over protection can sometimes be annoying to me, since I am now 24 years old. But no matter what, she will always be a part of what I am today.

It is a well known fact that mothers bring us to this world by passing through intense pain almost unwillingly, while fathers bring us to this world by the pleasure of lust. Maybe that’s why Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, recommended that we take good care of our mothers three times more than we normally do with our fathers. But that doesn’t necessarily minimize the importance of a father. Fathers and mothers should know that their duties are complementary, each of them plays a significant role in raising their children.

Anyway my mother and I may differ in opinions, we may differ in political views. For example, she is a Pro-Ikhwan and I am an Anti-Ikhwan. But we talk  on a daily basis despite the fact that she is my political enemy!

Today I would like to remind myself of what my mother is to me, pray for her forgiveness, and ask God to make her delighted whenever she looks at me. Happy Mothers Day Mama :)

May Allah be with us all..


Conversation with a friend

Hello again, this time I wanna post something that has been occupying my mind for a while. I graduated from faculty of Engineering major Electronics and Communication during January 2011. It was a tough job to concentrate on my graduation project while Egypt was passing through a historical moment that was not expected at all. But finally Al7amdulellah I passed with a B+ which was something I could not dream of.

Thinking about my future under the circumstances that Egypt is currently passing by makes me wanna migrate to another country. At the same time looking at some one like Wael Ghonim, the 31 year old former head of marketing at Google middle east and north Africa, who left his position in order to focus on what’s happening in Egypt nowadays, makes me wanna think twice before migrating.

I was discussing this issue with a friend of mine yesterday, whether I should take an opportunity to work outside Egypt or not. Frankly speaking, the salary isn’t the only aspect I’m concerned about. I’m concerned more about the lifestyle, the weather, the working environment and finally the experience. For example, the lifestyle in the Gulf countries is much different from that in Egypt. The weather is much more hot, everything is indoor. Plus that your friends won’t be around if you wanna chill out for a while!

Then my friend illuminated something that wasn’t on my mind at that time. Simply he told me that the lifestyle you’re worrying about, sooner or later will come to an end. Your friends will get married, everyone will focus on his/her life and eventually you’ll be worrying about making enough money to marry instead of chilling out for a while. Simply that’s the circle of life, you never stay a teenager forever or a 20 year old forever, every age has its interests and we are all getting old sooner or later. A dark point of view but still kind of realistic at least.

So I told him: Alright! I’m a person who cannot live outside my country because I love my country! and Egypt is my mother and her Nile is my blood and stuff like that..

His response was unpredictable to me I guess. He told me: Whenever you are outside Egypt, you will have this feeling for sure, its like withdrawal symptoms of a certain drug or something. But whenever you get this feeling, take the first trip back to Egypt! Only then you will realize the dark true reality that Egypt is not as good as it seems to you now! You will see the pollution, the traffic chaos and the continued corruption although the last regime was removed!

Then he told me a story of a friend of his who was doing his masters degree in Finland, and while he was there he was asked to fill out a questionnaire that was necessary to start doing his masters. The questionnaire was psychological questions with choices from Excellent to bad, so he filled them all with fair and good. Only to find out that a woman from the government is visiting him the next day concerned about his psychological state! Knowing that, made me feel like an animal in my country! These people understand and treat you like a human being, while we here argue about whether the human rights representatives are taking external financial aids or not.. Sick, isn’t it?

In conclusion, Egypt is still my mother and her Nile is still my blood. But the fact that Egyptians are treated like animals and proud! is not so pleasing to me.

I hope one day we could understand the true meaning of human beings and respect them the way they should be respected. And I hope we do not need to migrate to be treated as human beings, I wanna be treated like a human being here.

May Allah be with us all


Sexual Harassment Week

Hello again, this time in my second post to this modest blog of absolute random bullshit. I wanna discuss some serious stuff every now and then to put some meaning to this meaningless page.

I went out today with some of my old friends, they are from a lower layer of lifestyle. I used to know them when I was at school and wanted to escape from a daily school routine. Sometimes I just used to escape from school, give them a call and meet them. Back then the differences between the lifestyles wasn’t obvious. But nowadays its kind of obvious to everyone that I’m from a different layer or lifestyle than them.

I meet them every time I wanna feel that ordinary human beings feeling, watch them discuss their problems, which wouldn’t have existed if they had enough money in their lives. Its good to remind myself that we are all equal, no matter which layer or lifestyle you belong to, you are still just like the beggar who asks everyone for money, except that you live in a house or an apartment and he lives in God knows where.

I was sitting with them today in a Coffee shop that is literally in the street, so you’re sitting and cars could actually hit the chair you’re sitting on. While we are sitting people are passing by us from every direction. When they catch a female passing they do not hesitate to verbally harass her, which caught my attention and I started to oppose that action one after another, until they stopped doing that action. Its a big problem in our society and no one actually understands the true magnitude of the problem unless he/she is dragged in between people in the streets.

To eliminate Sexual Harassment completely from our streets is a tough call, but what we can do is start by ourselves, friends and neighbors. Whenever you find someone verbally or even literally sexually harassing a female you should not stand still and watch. We should have what it takes to face this problem especially in a time when presidential campaigns are about to start and non of which I heard mentioned a clear solution to this problem.

May Allah be with us all..




This is my first post in my first blog, don’t know even what the word blog means, but anyhow here I am typing what I have in mind. You may find me jumping from one subject to another because they’re just random thoughts as I type, so try not to get bored in between :)

I believe we can change anything, from the inner core of ourselves to the vast scale around us. I remember two years ago, my interests were limited to music, movies, chilling out.. Now my interests are limited to tweeting, music, movies and chilling out. Sometimes I get caught in politics but I actually don’t hate anything more than this stupid subject.. Politics! I never paid attention to politics before the revolution, and when I tried to get to know it a little bit, I realized I was arguing about human rights and not politics.

So moving on to music, I have been enjoying music since the day I was aware of this world around me. Its like a language that only musicians speak and understand through each other. Since I’m a Muslim, it was important for me to know whether music is Halal (Allowed/Permitted) or Haram (Forbidden) in our religion. So I listened to an Islamic preacher who is well known in our community and with a great reputation, and he was saying and I quote “The Imams have argued about the Prophet Mohammad’s PBUH Hadith that mentioned the people who are using musical instruments, some of them see the Hadith as the Prophet is Forbidding music and others see it as the Prophet is not necessarily forbidding music, so as long as the Imams have argued on a subject, you have the freedom of choice between the opinions, and you can choose whatever choice that suits you.” So guess which choice have I chosen!

Moving on to the twitter community. First of all twitter have introduced me to people of all the ages from young to old and most importantly they are like my family now. We tend to babel to each  other our problems, make fun of our leaders, sharing things from funny meaningless stuff to important serious stuff that people should be aware of. Before  signing up for a new twitter account I had a facebook account, and the information I had about twitter was that its all about knowing the news before anyone else knows it. I was wrong, because then I realized that its more like a lifestyle. I tend to tweet in between every single activity in the day! From waking up in the morning till the moment before I fall asleep. I consider myself new to twitter and this is my view of it so far, who knows maybe it could be different in the future.

I guess that’s enough for today! I’m still a beginner of course, remember that please and kindly be polite in criticizing, not just here but everywhere.. That would be nice of you :)